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TUAN TIGABELAS (R.E.P) - Hip-Hop/Rap/Experimental


Name TUAN TIGABELAS taken from the negative stigma already attached in the eyes of the people, thats what makes me interested to use that name to change the perspective of what I said through my music more over.

I was born on the 13th My wife was born on the 13th married on 13 number 13 is always a thing interesting to me, started with music since highschool joined with several bands and groups then began to switch to streetball and working long enough on streetball competition, and now Im back to music,the passion lead me here get serious and begin to believe in the music, its like God calls for me appreciation of the people on my work as some thing that it will not be bought by money.

My music inspired by the great people who oppose the system and do not want to be bound by the system itself.


Why hip hop ..?

Hip hop such as air tightness in the middle of bullshit atmosphere for me,hip hop helps me convey my point of view to the world,and Ido not need to pretend to be someone else beside solo project,Iwas joined by a group called REP (Rebel Education Project)
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